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INOW Access
Westhills Elementary
Posted On: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

INOW is the program for student’s grades and attendance.

If you want to access this information, send me an email ( Give me your child’s name. I will send you their user name and temporary password. Then follow these directions.

Directions for logging into the INOW Home Portal.

To access your child’s information, follow these steps.

To login to the Home Portal, parents must first login to the Bessemer City Schools Resource Portal at

The user name is “student” and the password is also “student”. Enter the username (student) and click login, then enter the password (student) and click login.

This will take you to the School Resource Portal where you will see the INOW icon for the Home Portal.

Click on the INOW icon and enter your assigned Home Portal student login and password. After logging into INOW, you will be prompted to change your password following the guidelines on the login screen.


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