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Programs Offered

Bessemer City Schools System recognizes the important link between diet, health, and cognitive development. The school system enters into written agreement with the State Department of Education to operate local programs which provide for the nutritional needs of all students up to 18 years of age.


Breakfast and Healthier US School Challenge Lunch Programs offer meals which provides 1/4 (B) and 1/3 (L) of the recommended dietary allowances for various nutrients and calories.

After School Snack Program provides nutritious snacks to children enrolled in educational or enrichment programs after the regular school day.

 Summer Food Service Program provides nutritious meals to children in the West Jefferson Communities when school is not in session and provides breakfast & hot lunches at local schools when school is not in session. For more information please call 205-432-3038 or 205-432-3012

Nutrition Education and Training Programs are designed to provide students, parents, teachers, and food service personnel with a comprehensive approach to nutrition education and training.